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Monday, November 15, 2010

Neutral the new Black (OOTD) plus long skirts

 Had to do a few things today and one of them was PTA stuff at my daughter's school. It was warm and a pretty day so here goes my outfit outcome for what I was feeling today. Neutral is the new Gray, when Gray was the new black who can keep up with the rules. Either way I was neutral down to my new nail polish Jazz by Essie. If it was cold I would have opted for my boots. I was too lazy to change purses plus I only used my purse for only an hour and dumped it for the diaper bag.


simple make up is always my choice, cream blush from tarte, lipstick suggested from a good friend fondle by mac, eyeliner maybelline gel with simple eyeliner brush Sonia kashuk.

camisole by random mall store, skirt by forenza (given by my Aunt), top by elainekim, watch by michelle, necklace bought in Ghana, bracelets from yard sale, purse dior, necklace nugget from tiffanys, shoes from flea market.

Long skirts (maxi skirts) are in big this fall plus neutral colors.

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