Carmelita Beauty

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bloggin too much pressure

Went to big bear and decided to post some pics. Saying good bye to winter and hello to spring.
I fell off with blogging myself however I still watched the blogs silently. So I decided to slow down on my blogs,live life a little more and blog when I felt like it. Too much pressure to post a blog.  Even though I don't write(type) as much, I still had a problem with slowing down and taking a picture of what I was wearing for the day, uploading the pictures, and then blogging about it. Its hard with three kids, cleaning, cooking, homework time, baby crying, volunteering for PTA, and working with my husband with his business....ugh...see I have to go already baby Hunter is crying.

Went for my 
hunter boots,
snow pants, 
and Victoria Secret Bomber coat.